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Royal Treatment Skin Care & Beauty boosts itself  as Coral Springs best kept "Beauty Secret". Tucked away within a two story  historical looking office building along university drive.  You would never have  guessed  that  such a Fab-u-Lous Skin Care & Beau--Tayyyy Heavan was buzzing away up in there. 

For over 4 years Royal Treatment Skin Care & Beauty's mantra has been  "Quality over Quantity"; It's because of this core philosophy that the business continues to organically grow. Word of mouth has been their biggest source of advertising.

Their most popular services are non-invasive, yet effective facial treatments, semi permanent eyelash extensions, eyebrow sculpting  & make up lessons for the everyday women on the go. However the menu doesn't start and stop there ~

You'll totally find yourself deeply tantalized with their selection of skin enhancing cosmetics for purchase. Why not also delve even further into optimizing your overall health & wellness by booking a Laser Therapy  treatment with Pam Behan  or enjoying  full body massage, waxing treatments or body wrapping with Nanette Lanes. Just like their slogan describes, Royal Treatment Skin Care & Beauty really is a place, "Where Serenity  &  Skin CareMeet".

Royal Treatment Skin Care & Beauty is founded &  Owner Operated by Samantha Kerr  an extremely creative & innovative,Esthetician, Beauty Educator & Entrepreneur who loves thinking inside and   outside of her Make Up Box.

Born and raised in London, England, Samantha Kerr met her husband almost 8 years ago in Florida, who coincidentally  was raised in England. They have a 4 year old girl called Samara.  Like many other "Mummy~Prenuers"  Samantha embraces the balancing act of motherhood while pursuing her love and gift for Esthetics. 

Her motivation lies in her faith and her desire to show her daughter that dreams need not just be things that float in your head, but should motivate you to live them out.

Samantha Kerr  personalizes her skin care approach for her clients and has customized her own natural Samantha Kerr  Skin Care product line.  She will be launching her professional certification classes in October 2014, where the emphasis will be on helping other licensed beauty professionals to take their skills and passion for their artistry to the next level.

Royal Treatment Skin Care & Beauty's mission statement is to "Use its platform within in the beauty industry as a gateway to Inspire, motivate & encourage young girls & women to reach their potential"

From high end  fashion fundraisers to interactive Dove self-esteem workshops held in their office, Royal Treatment Skin Care & Beauty delights in making a difference for its clients  as well the community at large.   

Here are some of the fashion and beauty organizations

that Royal Treatment

has partnered with to help raise funds and create

awareness for various

charitable causes